Angel Army

Well, it turns out that this pre-World War II book series I’m reading is great for blogs because there are really rich ideas that pertain to timely messages within the pages. In a previous blog called Loving The God Who Knows You, I used a part of the book to make an analogy, and now I’m pulling back out the book for a message I hope you can fully soak in.

Here’s what’s going on–two of Hitler’s men are talking and ones drinking a little too much because he is celebrating the clinch victory he thinks Hitler and Germany are about to have in Czechoslavakia; a country Germany did not yet rule. In order to get Germany, they were going to use deception and blame. And it looked like Czechoslavakia would not fight back. But that makes sense–just one little country, surrounded on three sides by a way stronger German force that could dismantle their army in a day. They were just being smart to not put in the effort because the enemy was stronger, right? Right? Welllll, take a look at what one of Hitler’s men says:

If the idiots knew how the generals grumble…and how the Fuhrer trembles at the thought of the resistance of the Czech divisions! Thirty-five divisions, and they could put up a fight on the high ground, too. But they won’t. Frankly, if they had the courage, we wouldn’t march.”

Sorry, what? You mean Czechoslavakia actually had an army that was stronger than Germany’s? You mean that if Germany had attacked, and Czech had fought back instead of backing down, then Germany almost certainly would have lost? What are they thinking?

Later, the man says this:

“We’re moving in like lions, but we’re really just little foxes, you know.”

And, now, here’s where we see the problem. Germany has a head like a lion, but the paws, muscles, and mind of a puny fox. They were able to get Czechoslavakia to lay down their weapon before the battle even started. Why? Because Germany looked like they were “moving in like lions”. From your viewpoint, you can easily see that Czech is crazy not to fight when they have the bigger army and the higher ground. But can you see yourself the same way?

So many times, we seem to forget that WE HAVE THE STRONGER ARMY. Within you, even if none of the other countries that promised to be there for you show up on battle day, you still have an army and a God that could take down the enemy. 100% of the time, God and His angel army are the victors. Believe that for yourself.

This works against us so many times because we believe the devil when he looks like a lion. We believe him when he says you are going to have an anxiety attack. We believe him when he says your sickness won’t get better. We believe him when he says we might not be happy ever again. We believe him when he says we have no value. Thoughts like these are scary thoughts. In fact, they are so scary, that we won’t even fight them. It’s like we forget how.

But get this: The lion only remains a lion so long as you think it is one.

The lion is only a lion as long as you keep believing it is one.

You feel like you can’t fight the lion? That’s what he wants you to think. Why does he want you to think that? BECAUSE HE KNOWS HE WOULD LOSE IF YOU DID FIGHT.

God has been stronger than satan sense the beginning of time. That has not changed, and it never will. You have that assurance. If you go in with an angel army, you will not lose but you HAVE to fight with that angel army.

See, Germany wanted something from Czech and they wanted to destroy things in Czech. They wanted to destroy God’s people the Jews, and they wanted all the extra terrioty and riches.

This is good for you to know: the enemy wants something from you too. He wants your peace, he wants the joy God has given you. He wants your thoughts when you think about the future and how excited you are to do God’s will. And he wants to destroy something too. He wants to destroy your confidence and your relationship with God. He wants to destroy the fact that you are God’s child. But just like abusing a Jewish child would never make them not Jewish, taking some hits from the enemy won’t make you not God’s child anymore. As long as you hold on to that, the enemy could never take that from you because its not something you have, its something you are.

As you go about the weekend and the next week, try to notice when the old you would have started to run from the lion and turn back around to stare the lion in the eye until he whines like a pitiful cat and walks away. I need that as much as anyone because even when I know it’s not real, I still act as if I believe it is. Why do we do that?

2 Peter 5:8-9 says: “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings.”

Verse 10 says this: “And the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will Himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.”

Here is my challenge to everyone who has dealt with fear and anxiety in any form (which is just about all of us): Do not let this lock-down end and still be in the same place. I want you to strut out of this quarantine a new person. Take this time to ask God for what He knows you need. Work with Him and beg Him to retrain you so that you have a different response when the lion comes. No more backing down before you even fight. Don’t you go back to that. Whatever you do, don’t go back to that.

Prague Counterpoint by Bodie Thoene, chapter 43, page 324

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